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Our mission

Kare knows that the available natural resources are limited but thinks that technical innovations are unlimited. The company strives to meet the needs and challenges of our world by seeking innovative economic, ecological and human solutions. Whether in response to industrial, agricultural or domestic issues, our fields of action are as varied as the current systems remain perfectible, our vocation is to participate in the world of tomorrow by drawing inspiration from the workings of nature, advances technology and the application in current systems of innovative processes to improve their functioning.

Our products

Our company has already invented and produced two revolutionary systems:

Solar Water  


Solar Water is a water purification system that purifies water from all polluted or unsuitable sources to make it drinkable by a simple process of evaporation process by thermal solar and then re-mineralises it to bring 100% safe, potable and mineralised water.


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Odor Hunter


The second innovative product of our company, agricultural and industrial, is an air purification system that removes harmful gases, pathogens, and transforms the odorous and harmful elements into stable and non-toxic materials. intermediate simple chemical processes harmless to humans and their environment.

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Solar water has been tested several times and here is one of the tests. for the long version of this test please click on Spring Solar Water

Who we are?

Initially created by Prof. Ahmet Boruban in Adana, Turkey in 1982, after many successes in the infiltration and thermodynamics industry, Dr. Serdar Ozpoyraz joined the Solar Water and Odor Hunter projects in 2016.

Following the successful operation of Solar Water and Odor Hunter, its leaders invested in the research and design of its system to successfully create a standalone model, more efficient and sustainable.

In France, Dr. Serdar Ozpoyraz wanted to develop the company to make it the center of activity in research, development and production. With the help of Mr. Mayeul Quiri, they gave life to the company Kare Engineering France to market their inventions and eventually re-locate the production site in Strasbourg to stamp the logo ” made in France “on their products and continue at the same time the search for new innovative processes.

Photo gallery

Here you can see some pictures of our activities, previous installations as well as references

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